The End Is Always Near

O men, how long shall my honor suffer shame? How long will you love vain words, and seek after lies? [Selah] But know that the LORD has set apart the godly for himself; the LORD hears when I call to him

Psalm 4:3-4

Have you anyone for whom you long to return to goodness and right living? Perhaps a wayward child or friend? They seem lost and you fear they shall not find repentance before the end of their days. David composed Psalm 4 as and ode to such feelings. He has confidence that God will hear his prayers and strengthen him in his distress, but still his heart yearns to see the return of his lost loved ones (vs. 1-2).

Prophetically, we hear the voice of Jesus calling out to the Father for His lost children. Jesus is the “Holy One” who was made “wondrous” (Septuagint version, vs. 4), the “godly” whose cry the Lord God always hears (Masoretic version, vs. 3).

It is a beautiful thought to know that Jesus is crying out to the Father for those who are lost. He knows the end is near. The end is always near for everyone. Whether Christ returns today to usher in the age to come, or if we die this day, our end is always near.

Are you one of His lost children? Perhaps you don’t even know how you got lost, you just woke up and found yourself far away from where you began. Take heart and know that Jesus is crying out for you to return to the Father. Have you any lost loved ones on your prayer list? Take comfort in knowing they’re on Jesus’ prayer list too.

There is a way to live that is righteous and good. Jesus says in the gospel the gate to righteousness is narrow and few are those who find it (Matt. 7:14). If you are struggling to make sense of life, won’t you tell your heartaches to your Father? God loves you and knows your concerns. Jesus is telling you it’s okay to be angry at the way things are going, but in your anger do not sin. Don’t blame God in your anger. Rather, lay down to rest tonight in repentance (vs. 4-5). Jesus will lead you in paths of righteousness. Remember, the end is nearer than when you began.


Pastor Brad

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