Raised from the Ashes: Lent – Good Friday

“14 Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me; O Lord, make haste to help me.”

Psalm 40:14

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Holy Week By Pastor Brad msc-1

The Goodness of Death

Is there anything more certain than death? It feels so certain because it comes to all people with no respect of person; young and old, rich and poor…no one escapes. Yet, such certainty is unfounded. 1983 years ago today (as best calendars can determine), death met its match. On that Good Friday, the hope of the world hung dying on a Roman Cross, and after six hours it appeared death had won. After hours of agony and untold torture, Jesus gave up his life, and surrendered to death.

However, we know the rest of the story. Death for Jesus was not final – but it was real. We have now come to the last two days of our 40-day journey through Lent. And while we know the rest of the story of Jesus, we must not rush to the cross too soon. Today is a day to consider death; a subject we admittedly try to avoid, but we must not.

Can Death Be Meant for Good?

Good Friday is a time for each of us to consider our own death, for it will come, and quite often far too soon. Today is a day we especially hear the line of the Lord’s Prayer, “…and deliver us from evil.” When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and death entered our world, Satan meant it for evil, but God has turned it for our good. If you’ve recently lost a loved one to death (I recently lost my father to death), you may not hear my words about it today as meant for good; yet, that is what God has done.

It is good that God allows death, for it is in death that we are born to real life. To live in this world, as we know it now, would be reality and eternal death. His mercy comes to us by putting an end to our sufferings in this world, as those who through faith in Jesus Christ enter an eternal life, never to die again, never to be sick again, never to experience pain and suffering again. But, none of this would be true were it not for the death of Jesus on that Good Friday so long ago.

On that good day, for those who will believe, death changed from an eternal state, to a process of transformation. We see that process now, from only one side of the window. St. Paul says, For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.”

Knowing that death is God’s plan to deliver us from evil, we can pray with the Psalmist, “Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me; O Lord, make haste to help me.” In order to be raised, we must first fall…but do not fear, God is faithful to raise us from the ashes.


Grace & Peace for a Holy Week,

Pastor Brad

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Matthew 5:6

2 thoughts on “Raised from the Ashes: Lent – Good Friday

  1. Thank You Pastor Brad, for another great Devotion.

    Do you know what they are trying to prove & saying on some channel on TV. They said that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and Jim said that it is in the Bible saying that. And they are trying to prove
    that they found Jesus bones in a grave. I don’t believe any of that. Jim wouldn’t let me watch the program,
    because he was afraid that it would give me night mares. I believe that Jesus died and was laid in a Sepulchre & on the Third day He is risen from the dead, and ascension to heaven to set on the right hand of His Father God & is living in our heart’s. Am I understanding it right?

    Thank you Brad for all you do.

    Have a Blessed Day.

    Judith Sheldon


    1. Thanks for you questions Judy. I think your husband is referring to a program that was talking about information taken from an ancient books called “Gnostic Gospels”. These are not recent finds despite what the programs say. The truth is all these rumors of Jesus being married were around in the early centuries. The church fathers knew these books and dealt with them. These books do not have the historical integrity to have been included in Bible, because they have so many errors. Every person has to decide for themselves if the Bible is true or not. But the gospels of our Bible and the “Gnostic Gospels” cannot both be true. I firmly believe in the holy scriptures as they were collected by the early church. They were tested and tried over about three hundred years before they church actually accepted them as inspired of God. The Gnostic gospels were never accepted or quoted by fathers of the early church. Jesus himself even warned of “false teachers” who would come and try to lead away God’s people. That is exactly what these Gnostic gospels try to do. Your understanding as you’ve stated it is correct.

      Bless you and thanks for reading!


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