Are You the Working Dead?

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Zombie coffee

Are you the working dead? No I’m not talking about zombies, which are quite popular in the imagination of Television these days. I’m also not talking about missing your morning coffee; although that would certainly render many of us dead for the day (sarcasm intended). I’m talking about that feeling we get when we wonder if anything we do makes any difference in this world.

Perhaps you wonder if the things you do each day matter to anyone? You know, like the money you earn and put into savings; is it really going to matter in the long run? Or, how about the way you try to lead your family? Do they appreciate it? Are the things you do for them making a difference in the persons they are becoming?

A Good Definition

The writer of the book of Hebrews tells us we can work in such a way that everything we do matters. Jesus Christ came into our world not only to be our Savior, but also our High Priest. Let’s get a good working definition of what it means to be a priest so we can better understand one of the most important offices Jesus fills for our lives. A priest is one who makes sacrifices to God on behalf of others.

As a minister of the gospel, and a pastor of a church, I too am a priest (though many Protestants rarely use that word). Each day I remember the flock God has given me in prayer and supplication to the Lord. And, on Sundays and others particular days we pastors lead the people who come to worship in lifting their sacrifices to God as well. We are those who make sacrifices to the Living God on behalf of others – we are priests.

You Too Can Be A Priest

However, we are not the only priests. Scripture tells us that all who believe in Christ are made into a “Royal Priesthood”, and a “Holy Nation” (1 Peter 2:9). While there can be many priests, there can only be one High Priest. Jesus Christ is THE great High Priest. He is the one who went into the heavenly Holy of Holies with his own blood, offered as sacrifice for our redemption. So, in what way are we also priests?

Anyone who works for the sake of others can be said to be offering a sacrifice for them. The money you make at your job is a sacrifice of your time and effort in order to provide for your family. The time you give to help out a friend in need or visit one who is sick, is a sacrifice of yours on their behalf. But here’s the real key point – if you’re not doing it for the Lord Jesus and His glory, your doing it in vain; the people receive the help, but your works are dead.

When we realize that the blood of Jesus not only cleanses us from all sin, it “purifies” our conscience from dead works, and makes the works we do alive before our God it makes them a sweet aroma in His presence, rising before His altar in Heaven. When our works (our lives) are alive in Christ Jesus, they are priestly sacrifices to the Living God.

This Week:

Everything comes back to our awareness, and our intentions. Is our faith alive, and are we offering merciful acts of service, even everyday things all for God’s glory and to the benefit of those whom we serve? In the Colossian letter, St. Paul put it this way, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, (Col. 3:23).

If you haven’t already, won’t you give everything over to God as a living sacrifice in praise to Him? And, even if you’ve done that before, I find the best way to live is in daily surrender, coming to God as His faithful priest/servant offering everything to Him everyday. There are no Zombies in the Kingdom of God, only living priests with living works!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Brad

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Matthew 5:6

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