Don’t Listen To the Naysayers

Further thoughts on Luke 13:10-17

ignore all naysayers

You don’t have to look far in this world to find someone who will tell you you can’t do something or that your prayers aren’t realistic. It seems naysayers are everywhere. They probably sound something like this; they tell you your wasting your time because there is no God. Or, perhaps they tell you your prayers are too selfish. Usually, behind all their negativity, naysayers have a high degree of jealousy.

The naysayers were out in full force in the gospel this week, and they’re probably all around you too – don’t listen to them. The leader of the synagogue in the gospel was indignant because he was jealous. The truth is, Jesus was caring for people and listening to them like he and the other leaders should of, but they were too busy making sure things only happened in the way they wanted, for their own benefit.

Pray As Your Moved

I happen to be one of those persons who believes you cannot pray wrongly. Of course all our prayers shouldn’t be all about us, that is selfish. But, that doesn’t mean that what we want, what we really desire is wrong; it just means we need to balance our prayer life by including praises and thanksgiving, and concerns for others too. The more we pray, the more Jesus will teach us to pray.

I asked you at the beginning of the week, “What really burdens you in your prayers?” I’m talking about the things that are really heavy on your heart. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you what you want can’t be done. Anything is possible with God. I also believe these burdens are on your heart because God’s Spirit moved you to pray for them; that’s how God works. He’s always at work within us guiding our thoughts, if we are living surrendered to Him.

It’s All About Faith

This second week of Advent has been all about faith. Jesus is moving your spirit to pray. Have faith that what you pray will come to pass. It will always be in God’s own time and not in ours, but don’t lose hope. Don’t listen to the naysayers. When Jesus was born in Bethlehem it had been 400 years since anyone in Israel had heard from a prophet. Many said God didn’t care, that He had forgotten His promises. However, in Luke 2:25-32 we read the Song of Simeon, an old man who lived believing God had promised him he would live to see the messiah.

When Mary and Joseph brought the baby Jesus to the Temple, Simeon rejoiced in song for his prayers were answered. Simeon knew God would keep His promise to him, and so should we. God never takes a day off, and He always keeps His promises. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Light the Candle of Faith and believe!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Brad

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Matthew 5:6

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