Scoundrels & Saints

Click Here to read this week's gospel: Matthew 1:1-25 Ever wonder what dark secrets are hiding in your family tree? It seems people are fascinated by genealogy today. Thanks to modern technology you can do computer searches that will rebuild your family history over a thousand years. Imagine how hard that was to keep track... Continue Reading →

It’s Party Time

Click here to read this week's gospel: Luke 14:16-24   Have you ever been invited to a party and when you showed up you felt there wasn't room for you? It could be the party was such a popular invitation that everyone showed up and there literally wasn't enough room for you to feel comfortable.... Continue Reading →

God Never Takes A Day Off

Click Here to Read This Week's Gospel: Luke 13:10-17   What is the one thing you really need? Perhaps it's the healing of an illness. Maybe it's the reconciliation of a relationship. When you think about this one thing that is so important you fear it will never happen; it just seems impossible. You know... Continue Reading →

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